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Laura Browne
BSc (Hons) MSc AM MAA
McTimoney Animal Therapist

For appointments, please call
07940 463545

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"Laura treated Aarina N (Camilla) for me on Monday, schooled her a few days later and she felt amazing. She did a fantastic job and treats every horse as an individual, tailoring treatment and aftercare advice to their specific needs and routine.

Since Laura has been treating Camilla this season she has scored consistently better dressage marks and only had one pole down this season! Great aftercare sheets provided too, thanks so much."

Jessica Hooley, Event Rider based at Calea Equestrian

"Having used Laura regularly to treat the horses over the last year there has been a marked improvement in their performance and attitude at home and competitions. Regular treatment allows them to develop and get stronger whilst remaining supple and free from tension.

Dalito has progressed to using half pass as an exercise to strengthen topline and encourage engagement of the hindquarters. Stig has notably improved in his piaffe and generated more gears in trot and canter.

Laura considers every aspect of the horses lifestyle and training methods whilst providing effective treatment and suitable aftercare advice – an essential part of the team, I couldn’t recommend her more highly."

Matt Jenkins Dressage Rider & Trainer based at Lyneham Heath Equestrian

"Regular McTimoney and massage therapy from Laura is vital in keeping Twiglet on the road and improves his attitude to work. It helps relieve compensations throughout his back and hindquarters that occur due to his racing career taking its toll on the rest of his body.

I can always tell when he needs a treatment as he becomes resentful in his attitude to work and has some naughty habits that creep in when he’s trying to evade working correctly! After a treatment he is transformed, working with me not against me, off the aids, and feels loose and supple through his back."

Hayley Austin, Ex-racehorse Owner

"Intelligent, dedicated, organised, and delightful, Laura has worked for us for over 3 years keeping our competition horses in tip top condition. There is a marked improvement in the performance of the horses following regular massage and McTimoney treatment, catching the stiffness in the early stages before it becomes a real issue. As an accomplished competition rider herself she fully understands the essential requirements for a loose, happy, confident, and comfortable horse. We couldn’t recommend her more highly."

Alice & Sam Sandberg, Lyneham Heath Equestrian

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