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Laura Browne
BSc (Hons) MSc AM MAA
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Case Studies

Matt and Dalito

Meet Dalito, 5 year KWPN gelding owned and ridden by 'Matt Jenkins - Dressage Rider and Trainer'. Matt is based at Lyneham Heath Equestrian, Oxfordshire and has owned Dalito since he was 2. As a 2 year old Dalito suffered a crashing fall, at speed on concrete, he luckily escaped unharmed with not a mark on him in terms of cuts or bruises. On receiving McTimoney treatment it was found he had a marked rotation of the pelvis and noticeable uneven development of the hindquarter musculature. There was also related tension in the lumbar spine, tightness at his poll and throughout his neck.

Dalito received three treatments within a fairly short space of time using a combination of McTimoney adjustments and sports massage techniques. By the third treatment his pelvis had remained level, there was reduced tension through his back, and noticeable development and reduced asymmetry of the hindquarter musculature.

Matt commented what a difference there was after the third treatment with Dalito starting out loose, supple, and happy to work, without having to spend excess time trying to gain this feeling whilst warming up for a training session.

Trainer, Dan Greenwood also noted that Dalito had become stronger, was able to push with more power from the hind quarters; this has enabled development of his paces and created more expression during lateral work.

Dalito is now on a maintenance programme, receiving treatment every few months tailored around competition plans to ensure he remains free from tension, continues to get stronger, and remains happy in his attitude to work.

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Hayley and Twilight Blues ‘Twiglet’

Twilight Blues or ‘Twiglet’ as he is known to his friends excelled as a racehorse on the flat with trainer Jeremy Noseda. He has winnings of over £180,000 including top races such as the Duke of York Stakes and the European Free Handicap.

He was then given a second lease of life by owner, Hayley Austin, who together with expert help and watchful eye of event rider Owen Moore, successful retrained him to be a proven Novice eventer.

Due to the success of his younger days, Twiglet now 14yrs, has endured considerable wear and tear on his joints. As a result he requires careful management to maintain soundness and keep him enjoying his working and competition life.

Owner Hayley comments:
"Regular McTimoney and massage therapy from Laura is vital in keeping him on the road and improves his attitude to work. It helps relieve compensations throughout his back and hindquarters that occur due to his racing career taking its toll on the rest of his body. I can always tell when he needs a treatment as he becomes resentful in his attitude to work and has some naughty habits that creep in when he’s trying to evade working correctly! After a treatment he is transformed, working with me not against me, off the aids, and feels loose and supple through his back."

Twiglet and Hayley now enjoy competing in British Dressage competitions at Novice level, and are aiming to qualify for the RoR Racehorse to Dressage Horse Series 2013.

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Sally and Ragazzoni’s Ruby

Owner Sally Donegan is the proud owner of Ragazzoni’s Ruby, a homebred mare by Ragazzoni out of Rubenstein lines. Now rising 6yrs she has been out and about to her first British Dressage competitions gaining over 60% in her first ever test.

When Laura began treating Ruby she found her very sore over the withers and tight behind the saddle region. Sally had a few saddle issues due to Ruby’s withers developing and drastically changing shape as she built up topline. This can often happen with youngsters as they get stronger and ‘muscle up’. With a follow up treatment 2 weeks later and a more suitable saddle Ruby was much improved.

Ruby had also suffered from locking stifle as a youngster which consistently affected alignment of her pelvis causing tightness across her back. Working alongside veterinary advice Sally discussed with Laura in detail about a suitable management routine to enable Ruby to become stronger and reduce the frequency of her locking stifle.

Ruby now lives out 24/7, is in regular work including schooling, lunging exercises, hacking, and we are pleased to say her stifle rarely locks.

Sally comments:
"Ruby is in the best shape she has ever been, she is a tricky mare at times and regular McTimoney and Massage treatment helps keep her happy in herself and with a healthy attitude to work. She is noticeably looser with more swing in her paces following treatment; I feel correct management has a vital part to play in keeping Ruby sound and allowing us to progress up the levels. Laura fully understands this so will always treat each horse as an individual providing tailored treatment and aftercare advice."

mctimoney therapy laura browne