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Laura Browne
BSc (Hons) MSc AM MAA
McTimoney Animal Therapist

For appointments, please call
07940 463545

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The equine treatment begins with taking a full case history of your horse; this includes questions on any past injuries, accidents, lameness, as well as general information on tack, shoeing, feeding, and current issues or concerns.

Whether you feel there is a specific problem, or just having a routine check up, Laura endeavours to gain detailed background information in order to provide a thorough and appropriate treatment.

Your horse will then be observed walking and trotting up, doing some small circles, and a few steps of rein back. Watching a horse in motion can indicate how they are feeling and what specific areas may need treatment. Particular aspects to look out for are:

  • Dropping of the hind quarters to one side
  • Deviation of the limbs that does not match conformation features
  • Straightness
  • Reduced flexion/extension of the neck and back

Your horse will be assessed for areas of asymmetry, tension, and misalignments. The treatment involves a series of McTimoney adjustments combined with various massage techniques to ease muscular tension, restore balance and range of motion of the skeletal system.

The session is completed with appropriate stretching exercises and a detailed aftercare plan tailored to your horse. Laura may recommend specific stretches or schooling exercises that can be introduced to help work specific muscle groups and keep your horse in top condition.

Minor issues are usually resolved with a couple of treatments whereas more specific problems may require several sessions spread over a few months. Following this, maintenance checks are recommended every 3-6 months depending on an animal’s lifestyle, workload, and competition schedule.

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