Laura Browne McTimoney Therapy

Laura Browne
BSc (Hons) MSc AM MAA
McTimoney Animal Therapist

For appointments, please call
07940 463545

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McTimoney therapy can be extremely beneficial to both working dogs and pets, particularly those that have suffered an acute injury or trauma. Physical therapy has a vital role to play in rehabilitation of dogs, following an accident or operation, in restoring them back to optimum health and performance.

The canine treatment begins with taking a full case history of your dog; this includes details on past accidents, injuries, lameness, and general information on lifestyle and exercise regime.

Your dog’s gait will be assessed in walk and trot to observe any abnormalities, deviation, or asymmetry that could indicate musculoskeletal discomfort. Laura will pay particular attention to the following areas:

  • Dropping of the hind quarters to one side
  • Areas of stiffness or reduced flexibility
  • Deviation of the limbs
  • Uneven tail wag
  • Straightness and balance of the movement

Your dog will be assessed for misalignments and muscular tension, and treated using a combination of McTimoney adjustments and massage techniques to restore balance, symmetry, and ease tension.

A full aftercare plan will be provided including recommended exercise, follow up treatment, and potential lifestyle changes that could help keep your dog fit and healthy. For example, exercising on a harness for dogs that are keen walkers!

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